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  Maximize the Time You Spend in THE ZONE - Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Day
by Andy Robinson - Jan, 2010
Feel cheated by disappearing time at work? Not getting to the really important things at work and at home? Do you feel like you're constantly "fighting fires?" Establishing and maintaining control over how you spend your time and what you spend your time on is an important element of career success. Staying in "THE ZONE" of highest impact, as illustrated below, is definitely where you want to spend the predominance of you...
  Time Management 101: Lessons Learned The Hard Way
by Wendy Enelow - Jan, 2010
As I sat down to write this article, I thought to myself, “How odd!” For years and years, I have struggled to better manage my time, but never felt as though I was very successful. I’m always juggling my time constantly sweating as I look at all the piles and papers scattered throughout my two offices, getting up earlier and earlier to get a jump on things, and telling my son to hold on one more minute. I haven’t had the feeli...
  Do You Foster Helplessness or a
by David Lee - Jan, 2010
In these rather challenging times, you need ALL of your employees thinking and acting like winners, not throwing up their hands in defeat or metaphorically curling up in the fetal position. How you communicate with them plays a huge role in which kind of workforce you get. Just recently, I heard two examples that illustrated opposite approaches to communication by senior management. One approach virtually guaranteeing wh...
  Are You Risking Your Team's Success in 2010?
by Dee McCrorey - Jan, 2010
I was asked to "shadow coach" a junior program manager in his new role. His first big challenge was assessing the skills of a team who had been together for months, but who were behind schedule in launching their product. This new PM was now responsible for figuring out who would remain with the team and who would be replaced. My role was to walk him through the process of asking the required questions and reviewing the res...
  'Fair' Compensation of Employees: A 10-Point Inspection
by Stephanie Thomas, Ph.D. - Dec, 2009
The issue of fairness is a dominant theme in today's employment environment. Employers and employees alike are concerned about equity in all areas of employment, from hiring decisions to promotion opportunities, to compensation and benefits. How does an employer know whether its employes are being 'fairly' compensated? Examining the compensation structure is best done through a comprehensive self-audit. This self-audit is t...
  Communication is a Leading Indicator of Financial Performance
by Suzanne Bates - Dec, 2009
I’m often asked how you measure the impact of better communication on your company’s success. Watson Wyatt recently published a 2009-2010 survey that shows communication is a leading indicator of financial performance and a driver of employee engagement. According to the survey, companies that have highly effecctive communicators had 47% higher total returns to shareholders over the last five years compared to firms that are t...
  The Hidden Benefit of Employee Empowerment
by David Lee - Dec, 2009
First off...sorry for the BusinessSpeak cliche "empowerment", but it's the quickest way to get the point across... In searching through my notes for an upcoming seminar on how to boost morale and lower stress, I came across an article from Inside 1to1 - the marketing folks - that had a great reminder of what happens when you enable your employees to: Feel the thrill of victory, rather than the agony of defeat Here's a...
  Want to Get Things Done? - Follow Up
by Dwain Celistan - Dec, 2009
Follow up is critical in business. Most meaningful business issues, agreements and/or transactions are not completed in an hour. They usually require more than one contact point for completion. Advancing typical projects and relationships occur over time. To reach your goals, there needs to be follow up. This is a proven approach to keep projects moving forward in a thorough and high quality manner. The same holds true for...
  Tick, Tick, Tick
by Karen Burns - Nov, 2009
Doncha hate meetings? Most do. But even though they’re often an enormous waste of time, meetings still happen in every business, every day. Consider these ways to make meetings shorter. Some are so obvious it hurts. Some are sort of mean. Only hold a meeting if it’s really necessary. Duh. But how many completely useless meetings have you been to? Start on time. Punish latecomers. Charge them a buck. Make th...
  Principles of Being an Effective Manager
by Debra Wheatman - Nov, 2009
Being a successful manager that is respected and well liked has more to do with common sense than people think. An effective manager also contributes to the organization’s success. Here is some information to help you develop or hone your style to facilitate a strong internal presence and enhance your likelihood for success: Presence: Do people run for cover when you walk into a room? Your body language plays a very importa...
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