Sure FIRE Trust
Sometimes we get lost as we pursue our goals. Questions like, "Is this going to work? Is what I’m doing valuable / good enough? Am I going to be successful?" start going through your head. These questions point you toward feeling LOST--feeling a Lack Of Sure-fire Trust in yourself!

They are all questions that have no true or sure answer. However, the possibility of the answers being "No" takes the wind out of our sails. We're struck with anxiety and fear of failure. Suddenly our road to building a new business or making a significant change in our lives looks more like we're clinging to the side of a cliff than checking out the possibilities along the exciting new path of change.

Setting up this dichotomy of "Will I succeed or will I fail?" keeps you dangling off the cliff. There just isn't a lot you can do from there. Besides the fact that it takes your focus away from what you CAN do, WANT to do and WILL do to reach your goals, it puts you in a difficult predicament, especially at time you could really use encouragement, a hot meal and a nice warm fire.

To get back on track, you need to start by rebuilding that sure-FIRE trust in yourself!

Focus on the fact that you have or can get access to all you need to create what you want.

Increase your actions. - quit thinking, hoping and wishing...Do! Commit to taking one new action step that brings you closer to your goal this week. Instead of asking some version of, "Will it work?" ask yourself, "How will I most enjoy accomplishing the next step toward my goal?" then DO that!

Realize that you're already successful- acknowledge and be grateful for whatever level of success you've already achieved. Make a list of what you already have that contributes to reaching your goal.

Encourage the best in yourself to rise to the challenge! Beware of beating yourself up when you get off track. This only adds to your discouragement and keeps you stuck. Start expecting yourself to simply get up when you fall and notice what’s useful from the experience. Use these lost and being off track experiences to discover how to encourage yourself to move in the direction you want to go. Make a list of what works to inspire you and DO them in place of beating yourself up.

Getting lost and off track offers you a great gift… the opportunity to gain practical knowledge about how to get yourself back on track and reconnect to your determination to reach your goal. This allows you to provide the wood for your own fire. Your trust in yourself grows each time you put wood on your fire. You gain confidence as you learn you WILL reach your goal because you can trust yourself to keep blazing until you get there!