Spring Cleaning for Your Job Hunt
The grass is green, the birds are chirping and your new job is just around the corner. Now is the time to give your job hunt the same treatment that you give your home.

Reorganize Your Priorities

Just as you might reorganize your closet, do the same with your priorities. Evaluate how much time you are spending on your job hunt. Establish a daily routine to have a sense of normalcy. Remember that looking for a new career is a full-time job. You should be spending at least 40 hours a week contributing to your search.

Update Your Resume

Have you been using your time off to volunteer or take classes? Make sure to keep your resume up-to-date by adding new experiences. Hiring managers will appreciate seeing what you've been up to since your last position ended.

Dust off Your Address Book

Contact old managers, co-workers, friends and family. Let them know about your job hunt and ask if they know of any open positions. Remember, many available jobs are not open to the public; it's all about who you and your connections know.

Clean up Your Attitude

Often times job seekers experience bouts of sadness and frustration. Remind yourself that you are a good worker and you will find a job. Maintaining a positive attitude will keep you going during your search.

Try New Things

Invest time into social media. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are a few user-friendly sites that can be used to research companies and network with other job seekers.