Holiday Time Means Seasonal Jobs
With the holidays right around the corner, many companies are starting to advertise
for additional workers to help them get through the rush. If you are unemployed,
work part-time or just need some extra cash, this is a great time to find seasonal
Even if the seasonal position doesn’t align with your skill set or background, it is
still a good opportunity to fill any employment gaps on your resume. You also
never know who you may encounter; your seasonal position might lead to a more
permanent position or give you an “in” towards a job that does align more with
your previous work history. Here is a list of industries that typically hire seasonal
Retail: This industry typically comes to mind when you think of seasonal work. Not
only are companies looking for people to run the registers, but also to help stock
shelves or assist with customer service.
Shipping companies: Companies like UPS are notorious for hiring seasonal workers
around the holidays to help handle the increases in shipping traffic. It’s not always
about heavy lifting; don’t forget that these companies include positions such as
drivers, package handlers, sorters and data entry.
Security: With an increase in foot traffic, many stores opt to hire extra help to
combat theft. These positions can vary from security guards in shopping malls to
security guards in office buildings that are open later for the holiday season.
Hospitality: With families traveling to see loved ones, the hotel industry will receive
a boost in reservations. Positions in this industry can include receptionists,
housekeeping, restaurant workers, kitchen staff and maintenance.
Even though the holidays are busy, don’t stop your job search. Make sure you are
still networking, browsing the job boards, conducting follow-up messaging, etc.
This is the time when companies are putting together their budgets for the New
Year. Hiring managers may want to contact you or schedule interview, so make
sure you are available!
If you have any questions in regards to your career search, please don't hesitate to
contact us!