Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile So Your Talents Can Be Discovered
Having a strong profile is only the first step in actively using LinkedIn as part of a strategic job search. Take steps to make it easier for recruiters to find you. Here are some tips that will help:

Review your profile to make sure it is optimized for searches. Be sure that:
  • The headline promotes your personal brand. Use up to 120 characters (the limit) to succinctly communicate your career value; incorporate powerful keywords in both the headline and summary.
  • The skills and expertise section is full of keywords representing skills employers will be seeking. You can include up to 50; take full advantage of this. Keywords drive search results. Because LinkedIn now uses this section for endorsements, it’s likely that the power of keywords will become even stronger.
  • Your profile is as complete as possible. Recently LinkedIn inserted a sidebar graph that indicates the completeness of each profile.
Strive to acquire as many connections as possible. Few actions will help elevate your visibility in searches as securing a large number of connections. How many? That will depend upon your career field and how much you connect with people through your work. People in sales should have a very high number (500 or more). Overall, 250 is a good round number to shoot for in many cases.

Check off that you’re interested in receiving information on career opportunities. To do so, go to account settings; email preferences; types of messages you’re willing to receive. However, be cautious in doing this if your job search is confidential. Your current employer could discover you are seeking new employment.

Join groups. Not only will this help increase your searchability, but it holds potential to substantially strengthen your online network. Participate in group discussions.

Conduct job searches using the LinkedIn Jobs tab on the top menu. Advanced job searches can be filtered by keywords, job title, region, and other criteria.

Stay connected with organizations in which you are interested. Use the Company tab on the top menu to find, research, and follow businesses. Explore second and third-level connections you may have with the company.

Become comfortable with LinkedIn by using it on a regular basis. As with anything, practice builds skills.

People hire people, and one of the wonderful things about LinkedIn is the way it opens up new relationships and possibilities.