Don’t Neglect to Include a Resume Headline
Leave them guessing or tell them what you came here for? The importance of a newspaper headline can determine whether you read the article or not. The same could be said about your resume. A resume headline is important in communicating to the reader the exact position you are interested in and what sets you apart as a candidate. Excluding a resume headline means the recruiter or hiring manager is going to have to dig through your resume and make an educated guess as to what it is you want to do.

Don’t make the hiring manager go looking for information.

You’ll risk taking the chance that he or she won’t go looking at all. Don’t make the hiring manager guess which position you’re applying for either. They could guess wrong, and then you won’t get the interview you wanted.

Always include a job target or job title.

Easily customizable as you apply for different positions; in a larger/bolded font at the top of your resume, clearly write the position title.

A concise one-line sentence is a great way to communicate your value as an employee.

Beneath the job title include a one-liner that clearly articulates your value proposition. Know your position in the marketplace and what you can offer the employer that other viable candidates cannot. This is your ticket to standing out versus blending into the crowd.