Dispelling Resume Myths—Myth #1: My Resume Has to Be One Page
I heard that a resume should be only one page in length. Is that true?

Nope, not really.

Yes, if you have only one page’s worth of experience. Certainly don’t try to stretch it out to two pages. (hint, hint: my entry-level folks with a limited work history, I’m talking to you).

Generally speaking, though—no, there is no resume rule that stipulates your resume can be only one page and that is it. Use two pages to market yourself and your results if that’s what it takes. Some executives need three-page resumes in order to adequately articulate their brand and value proposition. But I guarantee you, those are three power-packed pages—they’re not full of humdrum nonsense. They make the best use of the real estate, and they don’t waste the hiring manager’s time.

The important point to remember here is to make the best use of the space, and don’t try to use more/less than you need to market your skills and qualifications.