Cover Letter Sample and Tips!
I recently wrote an article called “Career Transition Step 1!” about taking a job that supports your transition. A transition job is important because it gets you in the habit of having your job/ career support your passion, fun and inspiration in your life. It gives you time, money and energy that liberates you from pressure so you can more easily be aware of what inspires you and act on it. Taking a transition job is especially helpful when 1) you want to find your passion but your current job leaves you with no energy at the end of the day to explore this, or 2) you want to start a business and need more time, money and energy to devote to it than your current job allows. (To read this article and get suggestions for where to find good transition jobs, go to my website.)

So, once you’ve found a job you think will be a good fit for you right now, the cover letter you write becomes your first impression. When we think “first impression” our tendency is to write and say what we think THEY want to hear. A word of caution: Remember, you are seeking a job that will be a good fit, meaning what you have to offer and desire to contribute is what the job allows you to do. How will a good fit be determined if you don’t convey this information honestly? Starting with the cover letter, set yourself up to speak with integrity about your experience and interests related to the opportunity and trust that in doing so you will attract the job that fits you best right now.

Learn specific tips and see an example of a cover letter below that got an employer calling this applicant the next day for an interview!

Phone: Home (xxx) xxx-xxxx, work (xxx) xxx-xxxx


Human Resources

Re: Registration Specialist (Position Title)

Dear Human Resource Specialist (Title or name of contact person):

I am very interested in the Registration Specialist part time position. For the last 6 years, I have worked at “x” Hospital and gained knowledge and experience there that would be applicable to this position. (Get their attention! Basically, this paragraph briefly summarizes why they should keep reading. It answers, “You want to know more about me because…)

My work with “X’s” Human Resource Department has provided me with inside knowledge of the unique business needs and culture of the healthcare industry. Working as a recruiter, I became familiar not only with the various positions and duties within the hospital but also with the various departments and their reliance on one another to create satisfactory patient outcomes. (Let them know you understand how the job duties relate to the big picture and that you share their enthusiasm to achieve the desired results. While the immediate job duty of this position is to register patients, this paragraph acknowledges the applicant’s understanding of how strong interdepartmental communication is essential to patient satisfaction – the desired result of this job function. Without saying “I’m good at” or “I have experience doing x-y-z” take something you know is important to this position and explain that you understand and agree this IS important. Describe how you know this through your own experience.)

As a Guest Services Secretary, I’ve worked directly with patients and family members, striving to support their various needs in a way that would enhance their hospital stay experience. Cash handling, responding to a multiple phone lines, and completing project work were other ongoing demands of the job that were balanced with immediate patient needs. (SHOW that you have the skills! By describing a typical scenario, notice how this paragraph in effect shows that the applicant is used to handling the myriad of duties that this job will entail and can still produce the desired outcome – patient satisfaction!)

I know my competence and dedication to patient satisfaction would allow me to transition into the Registration Specialist position easily and successfully. I would love the opportunity to further share with you what I have to offer. Please call or email (email address) to arrange an interview. (Leave them wanting more! This ending paragraph briefly and confidently says, “Trust me there’s more than I can share with you in this short letter. If you like what you’ve heard so far, ask me to an interview and I’ll tell you more!”)

Thank you for your consideration!