Meghan Smith is a cartographer with the United States Census Bureau headquartered in Washington, DC. Meghan began her career as an intern with the Census Bureau in 2008. She returned to school for her final semester at the University of Central Oklahoma and interned as a Geographic Information Science (GIS) intern for the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality in the Land Protection Division. Upon graduating with her degree in Geography, she returned to the Census Bureau as a full-time cartographer. She was responsible for creating roughly 8 million maps in support of the 2010 Census field operations and has been the lead cartographer for several products, including the annual Boundary and Annexation Survey. Meghan enjoys giving presentations at conferences and speaking to others about the fascinating world of making maps.

The Cartographic Products Branch of the Geography Division of the US Census Bureau's mission is to design and produce maps, cartographic products and cartographic services to meet the needs of internal and external customers and to enhance and support: Census data collection operations; geographic programs; Census data releases; and reports, briefs, presentations.