Mandy Marchitello

Mandy Marchitello

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As the Owner of Make It POP Resume, I loved reminding clients just how unique and talented they are. I say “remind” because oftentimes a job loss can give us a sudden case of amnesia when it comes to our self-worth. With our financial abilities suddenly crippled, thoughts like “Why me?” and “Will I ever get my life back on track?” take hold, leaving us feeling anxious and depressed. Ironically, losing a job has nothing to do with a person’s capabilities, but is merely a product of the economy, a company’s financial state or perhaps a mismatching of energies between you and your employer.

I speak from experience. After earning my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, I began working in client services within the travel industry. Unfortunately, the tragic events of 9/11 re-routed my career on several occasions. I endured three layoffs in two years due to outsourcing, downsizing and an increasing reliance on the internet to book travel. The unemployment office became an all too familiar hangout. Determined to secure work as quickly as possible, I made it a point to attend multiple resume workshops so that I could learn key strategies for presenting my credentials to hiring managers. My hard work ultimately paid off as I bounced back from each layoff in record time.

In 2005, I left the travel industry to earn my Paralegal Certification. I have always had a gift for organization and details and the profession suited me well. But after spending three years crosschecking documents for accuracy, I realized I was missing something very dear to me - human contact! It then hit me - why not combine my passions for creative writing, organization and helping others into one profession. In 2009, Make It POP Resume was officially launched and I could not be happier. With a career firmly routed in helping others succeed, I absolutely love what I do and feel blessed to have finally found my true calling!

Mandy Marchitello is an Atlanta-based writer and the former owner of Make It POP Resume. With a career firmly routed in helping others succeed, she loves what she does and is eager to assist in your job search.

Our areas of expertise include: Resumes – Cover Letters – Interview Coaching.