In 2009, John was appointed Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer for the California Community Foundation (CCF), 48th largest foundation in the nation. For more than thirty five years, John has been leading and managing diverse and complex non-profit and for-profit organizations. John has given hundreds of workshops and presentations for Fortune 500 corporations, universities, professional associations, non-profits, and community organizations all over the world. He is focused on helping organizations and individuals realize their potential by connecting and helping one another. He speaks on career and life development, pursuit of passion, mentoring and networking. He was a Coro Fellow in LA and earned degrees from UCLA, USC, and Occidental College.

The California Community Foundation is L.A.’s foundation specializing in assisting high net worth families, individuals, corporations and non-profits pursue their philanthropic visions. CCF was established in 1915, and today has more than $1.2 billion in assets. Since 2003, CCF has raised $1.5 billion, distributed more than $1.4 billion in grants to non-profits and charities in Los Angeles and beyond.