Jerry Stapleton is president of Stapleton Resources, a sales effectiveness practice founded in 1993. For the first thirteen years of Jerry's sales training life, he conducted joint calls with client salespeople to teach an earlier version of the skills his company teaches today. Jerry conducted more than 1000 such joint calls with over forty client companies and he’s worked with some of the selling profession’s top performers such as IBM and DuPont. As an extension of his clients' leadership teams, Jerry could show salespeople how to transform their customer interactions on real calls with their real customers. Jerry is also the author of the groundbreaking book, “From Vendor to Business Resource: Transforming the Sales Force for the New Era of Selling,” which chronicles his experiences from all of his years in the trenches.

Founded in 1993, Stapleton Resources improves the sales effectiveness of all types and sizes of companies. Most sales training and tools create an inherited mindset and language which, when applied to customer interactions, unavoidably causes a lack of effectiveness; consequently, Stapleton Resources changes the focus. They make your sales force masters at relationship building and delivery of your value proposition, controlling 80-90 percent of the results with great customer interaction.