Company Overview

You'll find some of the best - and most satisfied - people working for the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee. In a recent independent survey, the vast majority of our employees indicated that they were passionate about our mission, very positive about their jobs and would strongly recommend the YMCA to a friend as an excellent place to work. The YMCA is a place where values-based behavior is the norm and you can expect to be treated with care, respect, honesty and responsibility. The YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes people of all ages and abilities, religious affiliations and ethnic backgrounds to become part of the diversity that is the YMCA.

Our mission and core values are brought to life by our culture. It’s who we are, who we aspire to be and how we show up every day. We are cause-driven. We don’t just show up, we show up with purpose. We are welcoming: we are open to all. We are a place where you can belong and become. We are genuine: we value you and embrace your individuality. We are hopeful: we believe in you and your potential to become a catalyst in the world. We are nurturing: we support you in your journey to develop your full potential. We are determined: above all else, we are on a relentless quest to make our community stronger beginning with you.

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YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee
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(414) 274-0799
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Milwaukee, WI