Company Overview
The roots of Ventura Foods began in the country’s richest growing regions during the early years of the 20th century. The company evolved, built on a tradition of hard work, quality products and listening to our customers. By specializing in a select group of related products, including edible oils, shortenings, dressings, margarine, sauces, and flavor bases, Ventura Foods has been able to develop efficiencies and economies of scale that provide our customers with products, services and programs that will enhance and grow their sales.

From Portland to Pittsburgh and Wisconsin to the West, Ventura meets the challenges of the marketplace by delivering high quality products at competitive prices. This is part of our commitment to build long lasting and profitable partnerships with our customers. Ventura Foods is ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century by utilizing the synergies of our vast new resources, talented people and the latest technology. We look forward to achieving our ultimate goal...continued growth and prosperity for our customers!
Company Summary
Ventura Foods
Number of Employees
(262) 544-4444
500 S Prairie Ave
Waukesha, WI