"The poor and the sick are the heart of God. By serving them, we serve Jesus the Christ."
- St. Camillus de Lellis (1550-1614)

By providing services to the poor, the sick and the elderly with a sense of compassion and love, St. Camillus campus offers hope and meaning to those who are suffering, comfort and security to those who are aging, and serenity to those who are dying, taking into account each person’s innate dignity, unique needs, and God given rights.

St. Camilllus de Lellis was born in Bocchianico, Italy on May 25, 1550. His mother died when he was a child and he was neglected by his father. At age 16, he joined his father in the Venetian army and spent a number of years serving in the military. He became an avid gambler and by 1574, was penniless in Naples. At 24, he became a Capuchin novice, but was unable to be professed because of an infected leg that would remain with him for life. He committed to devoting himself to caring for the sick. In 1591, Pope Gregory XIV approved and established the status of an Order called “Order of the Ministers of the Sick.”
St. Camillus will become a nationally recognized Life Plan Community by achieving the highest levels of healthcare quality; sharing knowledge and best practices; and delivering exceptional experiences to help individuals achieve their life goals.
  • TRADITION - In the tradition of our founder, the St. Camillus community provides exceptional experiences honoring an individual's sacredness and dignity.
  • COMPASSION - We offer health, comfort, hope and meaning by respecting each person's innate dignity, unique needs, and God given rights.
  • INNOVATION - We strive to become the center of new knowledge and adopt best practices to help individuals attain their life goals and holistic well-being.
Equality is an essential part of our mission of St. Camillus. St. Camillus believes in a culture where difference creates tradition, innovation, and compassion. We strive to create an inclusive workplace and culture that celebrates the immense diversity among all of our employees and residents. We believe our differences make us most alike.


Camillus de Lellis believed that it is the responsibility of those capable of offering help to do so, even if it means risking one’s own well-being. He founded a humanitarian movement that eventually grew to become a religious order, the Order of Ministers of the Sick (Order of St. Camillus), a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church (the “Order” the members of which are referred to as “Camillians”), the fundamental aim of which was and is to bring medical care to anyone in need of treatment.

The Order sponsors St. Camillus Life Plan Community and takes an active role in its operations. Like the Camillians, the Corporation believes in providing care to all people, providing the Community’s resident and non-resident seniors with compassionate and loving care. A wholistic approach to treatment, championed by St. Camillus, causes the organization to nurture the medical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health of everyone it treats.

The Order first came to Milwaukee in 1921, when Father Michael Mueller, a Camillian, came to the United States from Germany. The brotherhood of Camillian servants he initiated in Milwaukee still exists today and remains actively involved in the daily life of the Community.

St. Camillus began operations on the site in Wauwatosa in the early 1930’s. The Order originally built a hospital designated for caring for men with chronic diseases. That original hospital was added onto several times and was changed to a nursing home in the 1960’s and the campus shifted services from acute care to subacute and services the long term care market. The campus also added a community house for the priests and brothers of the Order in the 1960’s that eventually transitioned into an assisted living community and later into a memory care community. Both of these buildings were phased out of operations in 2018 in order to provide land for the East Residence independent living expansion.

The campus expanded further into senior care when the West Residence, formerly known as San Camillo (independent living), was built in 1989 and further expanded independent living in 1992. St. Camillus Health and Rehabilitation Center, a 210 bed skilled nursing building was built in 1990 and this new building changed the original hospital from being a nursing home into serving as an assisted living community. In 2006, the Corporation and the Order decided that a strategic shift to reduce the nursing home bed count was needed and the Health Center was remodeled to offer 76 assisted living units and a reduced amount of licensed nursing home beds to 67 beds. Today, St. Camillus is undergoing an expansion project adding an additional 168 independent living apartments scheduled to be completed in spring of 2022.


Fr. Pedro Tramontin

Kevin Schwab
Chief Executive Officer

Shannon Angell
Chief Operating Officer

Justin Munzel
Chief Financial Officer

Julie Leveritt
Administrator of Independent Living & Director of Marketing

Lee Anne Young
Administrator of Home Health & Hospice Services

Steve Watscon
Director of Foundation

Dave Sinkula
Director of Plant Operations

Gesa Hegeman
Director of Human Resources

Pam Loveless
Director of Operational & Professional Development

Fr. JoJo Orosa
Director of Pastoral Care & ACPE Certified Educator

Fr. Matthew Perumpil
Director of Mission Integration

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St. Camillus Life Plan Community has been voted a Top Workplace by our employees 5 Years in a Row! St. Camillus offers a variety of employment opportunities with the ability to grow professionally and educationally. We offer tuition reimbursement (up to $2,000/year), scholarship opportunities for both employees and their children (up to $2,000/year), a minimum of 12 in-service hours/training hours provided each year and an annual skills fair.