Company Overview
What started out as primarily a manufacturer of investment-cast metal signs (hence the name: "Sign-I-Cast") has grown into one of the world's most-innovative manufacturers of investment castings of all shapes and sizes – not to mention a wide variety of metal alloys. Signicast was founded in 1959 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Today Signicast operates plants in Milwaukee and Hartford.. At the Hartford complex there are 6 plants that we call modules. Each Module operates as a plant unto itself, with its own engineering and Manufacturing managers, as well as a plant Engineer.

What's It Like To Work At Signicast? At Signicast, we go to great lengths to make sure our employees know they're part of a special family. Our benefit programs are among the best in the business, featuring a wide variety of educational opportunities, insurance, retirement programs, profit sharing, and more.
Company Summary
Signicast Investment Castings
Number of Employees
(262) 673-2700
1800 Innovation Way
Hartford, WI