Company Overview


R.W. Lyall & Company (Lyall) was founded in 1970 by Robert Lyall. Lyall manufactures products serving the fuel gas markets of North America. Lyall's combined 210,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities are located in Corona, California, and New Berlin, Wisconsin. Lyall's 200 employees support 17 product lines that supply natural gas utilities and a related network of various distribution channels throughout North America.


Lyall's philosophy is to provide personal, professional and financial growth for customers, employees and suppliers alike. Lyall believes that operating a top-performing company with integrity is the best approach to realizing long-term benefits for all contributors.


Core Values
Lyall is privately owned by the founder's children Jeff and Jennifer as well as his grandchildren. Lyall takes great pride in its family oriented culture and atmosphere. This culture facilitates each employee's understanding of the value of customer relationships and how these relationships contribute to the company's success. Customer feedback, issues, and concerns are paramount to Lyall and decisions are based on customer satisfaction. Lyall's primary goal is to add value first for our customers and employees and second our stockholders. The owners believe that keeping Lyall's priorities in this order will allow the company to continue its growth and success.

We hold these Core Values as an integral part of our business:

  • Integrity
  • Improvement
  • Collaboration
  • Competence
  • Safety
Company Summary
R.W. Lyall & Co. Inc
Number of Employees
(262) 641-7246
(262) 287-0086
16875 West Ryerson Road
New Berlin, WI