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Rinderle Door Company

The company started back in 1983 when Rick Rinderle was subcontracting door work for another firm. He found his passion and together with his wife Marlene, decided to take out a loan, buy a van, and start a business out of their home. From stocking product in a 10' x 10' shed, to answering phones while taking care of three boys and working countless tireless hours, the they had a dream to own a successful business of service that it has grown into today.

Today, we run a fleet of fully stocked trucks with a team of dedicated service technicians that truly care about what they do. Each one has an expertise, but also is cross-trained to be very universal, creating huge value to a customer with multiple types of doors and operable systems. Our building has a mezzanine above the offices that provides a huge inventory of replacement and service parts. We have the capability to service just about any door or operable system that you can imagine. If it swings, pivots, retracts, slides, raises, lowers, folds, bi-parts, telescopes, accordions, or moves in any direction...Rinderle can handle it!

Our philosophy is extremely short, yet carries through every single aspect of our business. That philosophy is "DO WHAT'S RIGHT." It doesn't matter what the circumstance, our overriding value structure is our guiding light to do what is right and just. It's just the best way to go! In 2002, we were honored with the Joe Caputo Dealer of the Year Award. This award, from the "International Door Association" is given to a company within the door industry that represents honesty, integrity, and is respected within the community. We are both proud of this honor and humble enough to not rest on our laurels.

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Rinderle Door Company
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