Company Overview
PFERD is an Manufacturer and Provider of High Quality Abrasive Tools and Superabrasive Tools, since 1799. PFERD manufactures over 5,000 different abrasive tools for Industry Solutions. Our quality philosophy is to to provide products and services which efficiently satisfy the changing needs of our customers and to satisfy these needs through the process of continuing improvement and development of the potential in all of our employees.

WE WORK TO ACHIEVE OUR QUALITY PHILOSOPHY THROUGH PARTNERSHIPS between the company and our customers...with our employees...and in concert with suppliers. The purpose of these partnerships is to develop lasting relationships of mutual benefit.

PARTNERSHIPS WITH CUSTOMERS are based on our efforts to identify and respond to customer needs, contributing continuing improvements in quality and productivity. Our approach includes the joint identification, planning and development of products and services to better satisfy customers’ immediate and long-term needs. This partnership assures improved cycle times and more reliable product and service solutions.

PARTNERSHIPS WITHIN THE COMPANY are based on teamwork, communication and continuing education so that employees can perform their jobs more effectively and with personal satisfaction. We believe that continually improving products and services are only achievable by involving all employees in providing customer satisfaction.

PARTNERSHIPS WITH SUPPLIERS are based on long-term resource commitments which complement our respective capabilities. We cooperate with our suppliers in defining and developing the goods and services which we buy. Our goal is continual improvement in quality and value for the mutual benefit of all our partners.

THE SUCCESS OF THESE PARTNERSHIPS depends on the involvement, commitment and development of people - qualities we work actively to promote. We have high expectations and standards for satisfying our customers, employees and suppliers, now and in the future.
Company Summary
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Milwaukee, WI