Company Overview

Our History

Over 50 years ago, we began more than a sausage company – we created a legacy that led to Sheboygan, Wisconsin being known as the "Bratwurst Capital of the World." Sheboygan has always had a proud German heritage – people with a strong work ethic and a history of excellent sausage. Old Wisconsin is built on this foundation, and it can still be tasted today in our quality and slow, hand crafted approach to sausage making.Start with the Finest Ingredients

We craft the finest sausages because we pick only the most premium cuts of beef, pork and turkey. Next we use the perfect recipe of spices passed down by generations of sausage makers. These spices complement our meats, ensuring that they enhance the natural flavors while never overpowering them. We use no binders, fillers or extenders – just enormous care to ensure that our sausages are always mouthwateringly delicious.

Never Rush Perfection

We hand craft our meats into a variety of shapes and sizes before we begin the smoking process. We smoke all of our meats slowly over real hardwood fires in our traditional pit style smokehouse to ensure natural flavor. We leave them hanging for as long as it takes until we're satisfied with the flavor.

A Recipe for Quality

After we smoke our meats, we pack them immediately to seal in the freshness and flavor. Quality control procedures are in place at every step of the process, and goods are stored under optimal temperatures to maintain freshness and quality. But our products rarely sit around. We ship to retailers all across the country, allowing everyone to experience the true taste of Wisconsin

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Old Wisconsin Sausage
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