Company Overview

The Power of Possibilities

With a legacy that spans more than 75 years, Momentive’s people have played two key roles for our customers. First, we are inventors of specialty materials, based on silicone science, used in the products you touch every day. Second, we are collaborators, working with our customers to help their products better meet your desires.

Cosmetics apply more smoothly, headlights stay clearer longer, running shoes are lighter and LED light bulbs last longer.  All because a Momentive product is in the mix.


Deep-rooted Ingenuity


Momentive’s tradition of innovative excellence began in May 1940, when research chemist Eugene G. Rochow discovered the direct reaction process for making silicone. Thus began a journey of scientific innovation, through which Momentive brands now improve products that touch almost every aspect of  daily life.

Through our rich history, we have grown to become a top supplier of specialty silicones and materials. From the soles of the boots that first walked on the moon to tires that more tightly hug the roads here on earth, we deliver real results.

Our core values reflect the corporate culture we pursue, a culture that enables us to engage in new challenges and meet customer needs.


Momentive encourages camaraderie among our team members, collaboration with our partners and customers, and a commitment to delivering on promised results. By employing our core competencies, we tenaciously pursue each goal we establish. This set of competencies guides our endeavors, and serves to measure our progress.


Far-reaching Innovations


The range of industries that specifies Momentive products into their goods or operations continues to grow. Our silicones businesses are benefiting enterprises as dissimilar as agriculture and electrical transmission; textiles and tires; carpeting and healthcare.

Peruse our Industries page and you will begin to see how Momentive products are permeating vast corners of the global industrial complex and helping to improve both quality and efficiency throughout.

Company Summary
Momentive Performance Materials USA LLC
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