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Milwaukee,  WI
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"Live here. Work here.™" That's what it's all about - helping people make a living, where they live. The idea sounds simple, but there is a lot more to it. It's about connecting people with a better job to provide them with a better life, it's about helping an employer find that "right" person to make their team complete, it's about helping the people around you, right here in Milwaukee.


"Live here. Work here.™" That's what it's all about - helping people make a living, where they live. The idea sounds simple, but there is a lot more to it. It's about connecting people with a better job to provide them with a better life, it's about helping an employer find that "right" person to make their team complete, it's about helping the people around you, right here in Milwaukee.

The model of connecting local people with local employers has helped us develop a successful niche in the online community and over the years has allowed us to expand our approach to several key markets and open several offices across the United States in Washington DC, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. We're eager to expand our services even more and will continue to offer expert recruiting solutions by providing products, programs and knowledge for integrated employment and resource-management solutions.

A Part of Something Bigger

We're part of the Wisconsin JobNetwork - which includes over 60 employment and diversity related sites throughout the state. Sites include,, and From an even broader view we are a part of the Local JobNetworkTM - a nationwide network of over 600 employment and diversity sites.

When people hear about what we do they respond with "oh, so you're similar to some of the large, national boards" - not quite. Unlike the national boards we focus first and foremost on local cities and communities - connecting employers and job seekers right where they live.

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The Culture

Office Halloween Party

In every department, there is a common feature: fast-paced. We're constantly looking for, and implementing ways to improve our products and services to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Every employee contributes to important projects that provide value and quality for our users. To keep up with the fast, results driven work environment our most successful employees possess an impressive amount of energy. They are driven by our principle of quality, and arrive each day ready to hit the ground running.

Because we are a growing company there is ample room for each individual to flourish and succeed. It also means that we're constantly seeking, intelligent, driven individuals to join our team across several departments.

The Benefits

Free Lunch Thursdays

We are always looking for people with passion, a progressive mindset, hard workers and people who enjoy being a part of something bigger. Without our force of bright, talented, energetic team members we wouldn't be where we are today. It's for these reasons that we make sure to recognize our employees with a great benefits package which includes:

  • Highly competitive pay and periodic salary reviews
  • Comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage
  • 401(k) employee savings plan with employer contribution
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Casual dress in a professional environment
  • and more!


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Live here. Give here.™

Sorting Food at Feeding America

The very nature of our company is intrinsically tied to the communities in which we live and work. Our company slogan, "Live here. Work here.™" embodies our mission to connect jobseekers with satisfying jobs in their local communities. Beyond that, our company and its employees are passionate about giving back to the communities where we live and work. As a takeoff of our slogan, the "Live here. Give here.™" campaign focuses on charitable work that help our local communities. A few of our past activities include:

  • Annual corporate giving campaigns with United Way and Charities at Work with a dollar-for-dollar company match. In 2010, the total charitable contributions reached over $50,000.
  • Food drives to support local food pantries
  • Donating turkeys to needy families at Thanksgiving
  • Holding a toy drive for a local children's hospital
  • Raking leaves, cleaning yards and gutters for elderly neighbors
  • Clothing drives for the homeless


Helping Our Neighbors

WKLH Business Invasion

In a tight employment market, many jobseekers have looked to us for help in finding a new job. We've responded by holding live webinars that have been attended by thousands of participants, speaking at local community events, and devoting our time and energy to helping job seekers who come to us for advice. Here are a few ways we're helping people in our community by sharing our knowledge and expertise:

  • GetHired! Webinars to thousands of participants
  • Speaking about job search tips at local colleges and universities
  • Sponsoring local events
  • Speaking on job search related topics at community events


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All of our departments focus on providing high quality products and customer service. Below are our departments that might interest you.

Sales & Sales Support

Holiday Team

What we consider one of the best sales forces in Milwaukee! As the sole contact for their customers they are about more than sales - they're about nurturing relationships and truly helping employers here in Milwaukee connect with local candidates. Our sales team spends their time motivating coworkers, calling customers, building relationships, leading business presentations and prospecting for new customers.

What we look for:
High-energy individuals who excel in building relationships, who are self-starters and who have a passion for providing the highest level of customer service.


Marketing professionals - get ready. As a member of our marketing team you will be responsible for strategizing, executing and communicating our unique brand internally, externally and within the community. Our marketing department relies on multiple forms of media to communicate our message and work together closely to share ideas and gather feedback each and every day.

What we look for:
High-energy individuals who have marketing business knowledge, a creative mindset, who are progressive thinkers and who aren't afraid to try new things.

Information Technology

Our Information technology team designs and creates innovative solutions for a variety of applications, platforms and environments. In addition to giving us a competitive advantage, they also make sure that each implementation is beneficial to the user and truly enhances their experience on our site.

What we look for:
Enthusiastic, hard-working team players who enjoy working on a variety of projects in a fast paced environment. Our dynamic environment is perfect for IT professionals who have a positive attitude and an appetite for new challenges.

Human Resources

Local JobNetwork™ Radio

As a member of our HR department you will be responsible for recruiting top talent, helping individuals with their career paths, encouraging the development of each employee and being the driving force behind providing a culture that team members are proud to be a part of.

What we look for:
People with compassion and a desire to help others meet their career goals, people who can learn the ropes quickly, can learn our culture and have a knack for knowing who will "fit".

Business Operations & Accounting

Our Business Operations and Accounting departments are the heart and soul departments that keep our company organized, and on track financially. It includes everything from administration, project management, finance and event planning.

What we look for:
Highly organized individuals with the ability to plan and strategize, who are critical thinkers, complex problem solvers and who have a high level of attention to detail.

Milwaukee Location

Sales Team on Jersey Day

We are located in the heart of downtown on Water Street. With the bustle of downtown it's easy to gather a few coworkers and grab some lunch at one of your favorite downtown restaurants, or head out to a happy hour after work. During the summer head off to Jazz in the Park, or any of the many Milwaukee festivals. With so many options you'll soon realize why so many choose to make downtown their choice for work.


1000 N. Water Street
Suite 1100
Milwaukee, WI 53217

Other JobNetwork Offices Include:

Washington, D.C
Minneapolis, MN