Company Overview
Dream harder. You’ve already got a job where you can make a difference. At Dedicated Computing, you have a chance to make history, developing computers to protect a harbor, simulate supersonic flight or pioneer new developments in diagnostic imaging. While your friends find one more way to cut costs on an office desktop, you’ll be looking at ways to put computers where they’ve never been before, visualizing the unseeable and creating a whole new playing field for digital applications. We need you. We’ve identified a wealth of targets. We’ve funded a world-class lab with superior testing equipment. We believe in hiring smart, talented people who are willing to engage completely and drive a project to its end (and maybe a little further). We promise to keep it fresh, to keep the business focused on quality components and excellent service to our customers, and to give you the kind of work you want to come back to Monday morning. We’re in Waukesha. Visit our website to learn more about making a difference at DC. Equal Opportunity Employer.
Company Summary
Dedicated Computing
Number of Employees
(262) 951-7200
N26W23880 Commerce Circle
Waukesha, WI