Company Overview
CRC provides comprehensive solutions for your client’s risks. Your local CRC broker serves as the access point to all of CRC’s capabilities including open brokerage placements with one of over 150 leading domestic and international markets, in-house underwriting facilities or niche product offerings.

Expertise is a focus for CRC, both within coverage disciplines and within industries.We continually seek to develop our people and their knowledge and through a collaborative approach we share that collective expertise across our organization for the benefit of your clients.

We have developed Practice Groups based around our core coverage disciplines: Casualty, Property and Professional. These Practice Groups work together sharing information on varied topics from best practices to insurance carriers, coverages and various other issues affecting the marketplace in general. Every broker in CRC has access to this information and in turn can bring the collective expertise of the group to bear for the benefit of the client.

Company Summary
CRC Insurance Services, Inc.
Number of Employees
500 or more
(336) 885-6808
4035 Premier Dr Ste 203
High Point, NC