Company Overview
At Young Minds Preparatory School and Preschool it is imperative that our educational instructors are credentialed. With that demand at the forefront of our pursuit, we were able to achieve just that. All of our teaching staff have degrees and two-thirds have teaching licenses. We will be a school like none other. Our teachers will not become professionally complacent but will savor the idea of change. This will be seen through out our constant learning curve in which our teachers will move every year with their students from kindergarten to eighth grade. Our teachers have gone through a short but rigorous orientation on the demands of excellence for our school. They have come to learn, accept, and will teach the concept that, “Accepting Mediocrity is Unacceptable."

The mission of Young Minds Preparatory School and Preschool is to provide the starting blocks, outside the home, in which the young minds of children are introduced to an advanced, rigorous and quality curriculum. Coupling the curriculum with rich academic experiences will prepare children for educational success.
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Young Minds Christian Preparatory School
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