Company Overview

UNIBAR Damage Prevention Group, a division of UNIBAR Services, Inc. is a world-class service leader providing quality infrastructure protection services and asset management solutions that contribute to a safe, healthy and damage-free environment. UNIBAR DPG is not just a facility locate company. As our name implies, we are a total damage prevention organization.

Our mission is aligned with our customer's goals for proactive prevention of damages to underground facilities and providing uninterrupted service to their customers. We view our role as being that of a guardian of your system, and have responsibility of working with each utility, its customers and excavators, to provide a comprehensive program to successfully keep your customers and construction crews "safe" in the assigned service territories.

Providing quality service is our core mission, and we are the only damage prevention company in the U.S. that has a certified quality system (ISO-9001:2008) and is audited on a quarterly basis to assure its effectiveness.

Ticket Management System
UNIBAR DPG and our Ticket Management Vendor have partnered to deliver the best ticket system management application for our customers. UNIBAR DPG has been using this ticket management application in all of our operations. We have been able to create unique partnerships that include UNIBAR DPG, our ticket management vendor, and our customers. Both UNIBAR DPG and its customers can access the same system to manage the operation. This approach has several benefits which include:


  • There is no transfer of information (completion and tickets) between the customer and UNIBAR DPG. This assures you that you always have a completely current view of the operation.
  • Damage investigation is streamlined when a single system is used.
  • A single point of reference for all tickets.
  • Access to additional information pertaining to field force load leveling
  • Completion information cannot be manipulated on the response back to your system
  • Billing is streamlined so that you have the ability to easily audit (and create) invoices submitted by UNIBAR DPG.
  • Your own workforce can be integrated into the same system thus giving you a single point of access to monitor all your locating activity.
Company Summary
UNIBAR Damage Prevention Group
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