Company Overview
The Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (HACM) created Travaux Inc. in 2015 for the purpose of developing, constructing and managing a continuum of housing and mixed-use options for the affordable and market rate real estate market.  Leveraging both expertise in affordable, sustainable housing, and its reputation in the City of Milwaukee via HACM, Travaux Inc. is committed to building a real estate development practice centered on its strength in, but ultimately not limited by, traditional housing agency practices and products.

HACM views Travaux Inc. as a real estate provider with a social mission. Travaux's social mission will be fulfilled in three ways: 
  • Earning revenue that can be used to support HACM’s resident programs
  • Developing and supporting real estate projects that provide a public social benefit
  • Developing and supporting real estate projects that provide environmental benefits
Traveaux Mission and Vision Statement:
“We will become the developer of choice for sustainable developments with a continuum of real estate development services and options “

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Company Summary
Travaux Inc.
Number of Employees
(414) 286-5900
809 North Broadway
Milwaukee, WI