Company Overview
Founded over 160 years ago, SaintA, a non for profit human services organization, provides innovative family-centered care and educational services that embrace diversity and empower children, families, and adults to improve the quality of their lives. We are a dynamic provider advancing foster care, education and mental health services. SaintA has an acute focus on trauma informed care (TIC), which is a philosophy and practice that acknowledges the profound effects of trauma on the developing brain.  Together with our families, SaintA works to recognize the neurobiological effects of trauma and address them with evidence-informed care, leading to healing, resiliency, and the ability to live stable, successful lives.

SaintA provides a rich continuum of services, including:
  • Child Welfare and Foster Care
  • Support for youth who have aged out of care
  • Care Coordination and Wraparound services
  • Mental health therapy and supports such as Family Preservation, Caregiver Support, Functional Family Therapy and Parent Assistance & Advocacy
  • Professional education and clinical consultation (for organizations, schools, and individual/family)
Capitol West Academy, a subsidiary of SaintA, is a public charter school, grades K - 8, chartered through the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
Company Summary
Number of Employees
500 or more
(414) 463-1880
(844) 378-1841
8901 West Capitol Drive
Milwaukee, WI
 This company is a Federal Contractor