Company Overview
St. Charles Youth & Family Services, Inc. is a non-profit human services agency that is guided by Catholic principles and provides an array of prevention and intervention services. The agency is dedicated to assisting those we serve in developing the skills necessary to become self-reliant and independent within their schools, families, communities or vocations. St. Charles believes that all individuals possess unique and diverse strengths, which serve as a catalyst to healthy self-development and self-reliance. We recognize that individuals may experience obstacles during this process and benefit from facilitation, support and partnership with professional services. To this end, St. Charles is guided by the following beliefs: Those we serve...
...have expert knowledge about themselves and are encouraged to be actively involved in decisions that concern them. ...are capable of positive growth and have experienced success in their lives; their mistakes are an opportunity to strengthen their ability to learn and grow. ...deserve to feel safe and secure in their environment in order to learn and be successful. ...need to have the opportunity to make choices, which enable them to take chances/risks in a safe environment. ...need to feel they are heard and their opinions are important in order to feel a sense of belonging. ...prosper in a culturally aware and responsive environment. ...will experience healthy relationships fostered through mutual respect, positive role modeling and professional interactions between and among staff.
Company Summary
St. Charles Youth & Family Services
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