Company Overview
Milwaukee Health Services, Inc. (MHSI) is a Federally Qualified Community Health Center (CHC) that operates from two (2) sites: The Isaac Coggs Heritage Health Center at 8200 West Silver Spring Drive and the MLK Heritage Health Center at 2555 N. Martin Luther King Drive. MHSI offers a range of primary health care services including Physician, Oral Health, Behavioral Health, Benefit Determination, and Pharmacy. CHC's serve everyone regardless of income, or third party coverage, and seek to provide high quality care in accessible locations and at convenient times. Our particular sites primarily target the residents of Milwaukee's north side, but service patients from all over the county.

MHSI is governed by a Board of Directors, a majority of whom are actual users of services provided by the health centers. Over the last year we have been engaged in a restoration process intended to increase the number of physicians and other health providers available at the two sites. Improved customer service is the highest of priorities and feedback from the community is encouraged. Increasingly MHSI is seeking to design a program that serves the needs of its communities in a more wholistic sense. There is a growing realization that simply treating the pathology that presents is not enough. We must expand in a way that will enable us to teach, prevent, employ, build, influence and prosper in a way that helps to alter community dynamics. In essence become a true community institution - not just a community health center.
Company Summary
Milwaukee Health Services
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8200 West Silver Spring Drive
Milwaukee, WI