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Through operations in Wisconsin, California, Connecticut, Indiana and Kentucky in the U.S. and Stalowa Wola in Poland, our forging capabilities span materials from carbon and alloy steel to nickel/cobalt alloys, powder metals, titanium and other specialty metals. We employ a wide range of forging technologies, including isothermal and hot-die forging for advanced aerospace materials and components. And ATI provides a full range of post-forging inspection, machining and finishing services with the certified quality you need to meet demanding application requirements.

Aerospace/industrial/isothermal forgings

Our aerospace/industrial/isothermal forging capability, based in Cudahy, Wisconsin, produces many of the most technologically advanced forgings in the world for hot-section components for jet engines, structural components for aircraft, helicopters, launch vehicles, and other demanding applications. A world leader in isothermal forging technologies, ATI operates one of the world's largest isothermal press, rated at 12,500 tons. Our patented SuperCooler™ technology enables us to produce highly sophisticated components that have differing mechanical properties in different parts of the same piece for greater resistance to fatigue and temperature effects. We also operate the world's largest ring-roll mill, capable of forging aerospace rings up to 28 feet in diameter.

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Aero engine hot-die forgings

Our hot-die forging capability, based in Irvine, California, produces near-net forgings in a wide range of aerospace-grade materials. Our core competence is in aero-engine components for advanced systems. A full-service operation, Irvine provides engineering support, die manufacturing, heat treating, machining, and ultrasonic testing services. We have the technology, equipment and experienced personnel to forge shafts, spools, seals, disks, impellers, turbine wheels and other aerospace parts in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials.

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Aerospace/industrial forgings - Europe

Our aerospace/industrial forging capability based in Stalowa Wola, Poland, has become one of Central Europe's largest suppliers of forgings. Customers around the world rely on ATI for the durable, highly engineered parts they need for a wide range of demanding industrial applications. ATI operates 11 press lines and 11 hammer lines with an overall annual production capacity of more than 33,000 tons in carbon steel, high-strength steel and titanium. In addition to extensive aerospace and general industrial forging capabilities, ATI provides heat treating, rough machining and nondestructive testing services for customers of its forged products.

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Specialty steel forgings

Our specialty steel forging capability produces forgings of high quality carbon and alloy steel at operations in Portland, Indiana and Lebanon, Kentucky. These operations provide a full range of forging capabilities and related services. Our forgings can range from 1 to 200 pounds (.45 to 91kg). We feature more than 150 different carbon and alloy steel grades. In addition, ATI has recently been certified to provide closed-die forging, machining, heat-treating and fabrication for the aerospace industry. Our 26 production units (upsetters and hammers) provide flexibility to produce metallurgically sound forgings on time for specific customer needs. An on-site certified heat treating facility provides normalizing, tempering, quenching, and annealing capabilities for post-forging treatment to meet strength, hardness, and machinability specifications. Other available services include part cleaning processes, metallurgical testing and certification, rust prevention coating, magnetic particle inspection, hardness testing, coining, straightening, and part number serialization.

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Aerospace machining for forgings

We supply aerospace-quality machining and subassembly services for forgings, primarily to helicopter and defense OEMs. We specialize in the rough and finish machining of components in a broad range of sizes and shapes.

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