Company Overview
Krueger Bearings, Inc. has been manufacturing Babbitt-Lined Bearings since 1971. Our methods for manufacturing bearings have been time tested through the years; we have a quality control system that is 100 percent product tested before the part is shipped from our plant. Our processes are under constant revision to bring both the best quality and price to our customers.

With a product such as Babbitt-Lined Bearings, where dimensions are so critical to producing a good product, we have a stable and efficient work force that we can depend on. All of our machinists go through extensive on-the-job training, with the end result being the ability to machine complex parts with tight tolerances and a high level of quality.

Main Product Offering:
Krueger Bearings, Inc. focuses in making steel, bronze, copper or cast iron backed babbitt lined bearings. We supply products such as bushings, roller bearings, gear reducers, specialty conveyors, belt fasteners, electric motors, solenoid valves and pressure switches. Our capabilities include milling, drilling, turning, boring, grinding and sawing. We serve variety of industries such as fossil power generation, natural gas processing, petroleum refineries, power generation and nuclear power generation.
Our mission is to support our customers by producing reliable, high quality, critical and specialty machined components that fulfill our customers’ ongoing needs and expectations; accommodating short lead times and aggressive delivery schedules.

Company Summary
Krueger Bearings, Inc
Number of Employees
(414) 357-7292
8811 W Dean Rd
Milwaukee, WI