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Company Overview

Ingeteam is a business group specializing in electrical engineering and the development of in-house electronic technology for the energy, industrial, marine and railway markets. Ingeteam companies provide custom turnkey engineering and installation solutions, and manufacture electric generators, and electronic control and power equipment.

Ingeteam is the product of a merger of two Spanish companies – Team (Técnica Electrónica de Automatismo y Medida), founded in 1972 and Ingelectric, founded in 1974. Headquartered in Bilbao, Spain, Ingeteam today is comprised of 28 companies with more than 3,500 employees in nine countries – Spain, Mexico, China, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, the United States, Brazil and France.

Ingeteam’s growth and success are based on a commitment to in-house research and technology development, reinvestment of its profits and the ability to make full and effective use of the synergies among its operating companies.

Company Structure:

The companies that form Ingeteam are grouped into six business divisions: Energy, Industry, Marine, Railway Traction, Basic Technologies and Services.

  • The Energy Division designs and manufactures converters, electric generators and control equipment. It is primarily active in the wind power, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, hydroelectric, biomass, biofuel, combined-cycle and cogeneration industries. This division also supplies comprehensive solutions for the development of electric power plants, especially those using renewable energy resources.
  • The Industrial Division provides mechanical engineering, electric and automation services, primarily for the iron and steel industry.
  • The Marine Division provides complete, integrated power generation, electric propulsion and control solutions for all types of vessels.
  • The Traction Division develops and manufactures electric traction and comprehensive control solutions for railway vehicles.
  • The Basic Technologies Division is responsible for most of the research, development and innovation for the Ingeteam companies. This division develops in-house technology for a wide range of products including converters, electric generators and motors, electro-pump units, electronic equipment for industrial systems automation, and electrical grid control and protection.
  • The Service Division is responsible for electrical installation and maintenance activities. It also designs and manufactures electric equipment in low- and medium-voltage switchgear, primarily for the industrial sectors where the group is actively involved.

Technology and Innovation:

In-house technology and research and development have been instrumental in the successful growth of Ingeteam over the years. Ingeteam’s focus on research, development, and innovation has created high-value products that successfully meet the specific needs of customers worldwide.


Among Ingeteam’s proudest accomplishments are the creation of the first-and- only-experimental-and-testing center for power electronics and high-power electrical equipment in Southern Europe, and the company’s participation in seven CENIT projects.


The testing center is fully equipped to experiment with drives of up to 27MVA with inductive loads and no-load rotational electric equipment. Plans call for incorporating a 30 kV line to test high-power equipment along with the possibility of installing additional transformers.


The CENIT (Strategic National Consortia for Technical Research) projects are funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Spain and are carried out in collaboration with a great number of companies, universities and technological centers.


Quality, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility:

Ingeteam’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is defined by its continuing search for innovative solutions aimed at achieving the highest rate of customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of all stakeholders.


Throughout its history, Ingeteam has maintained a strong commitment to sustainable development and continuous improvement. The group’s quality control procedures are based on the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model.


Promoting the use of renewable energy, the efficient use of natural resources and the recycling of waste is integral to Ingeteam’s environmental policy.


Ingeteam strives to be an active participant in the economic, social and cultural development activities that improve the quality of life in the communities in which it operates.