Company Overview
Homeboyz Interactive was founded by the Jesuit Community in 1996 to discover and discuss specific ways that the Christian community can bring the peace of God to the violent world of inner city youth.

Early on, the Jesuit Community determined that there was a need for urban youth to have alternatives that would remove them the violence, poverty and despair that they experienced in the inner city. Organizing neighborhood groups to find solutions, the groups were asked how the work of transformation might be accomplished. After several interactions, the groups concurred that any community efforts had to be focused on economic development and it had to involve work that neighborhood youths found exciting because it was the neighborhood youths who were engaged in gang violence. To provide economic benefits, the groups decided that the work of transformation had to lead to jobs that paid at least a living wage and in order for the work to be exciting, the groups agreed that the use of computer skills would be most attractive in changing world of technology.

In response to these critical issues, Homeboyz Interactive was organized as a web development business that supports digital media, software development, and network administration training programs. Homeboyz' training efforts in web technology industries address the increasing gap between technological 'haves' and 'have-nots' by enabling young people who would not otherwise gain access to computer technology to develop the awareness and skills that will help them succeed in high technology work situations.

Homeboyz trains more than 20 young people each year and that number will likely increase due the demand that is being presented by several different sectors of society, including high schools, IT service providers and community centers. As Homeboyz trainees learn more about the world of technology, some decide to return to school, so that they can have a more balanced knowledge base. Others have decided to initiate their own businesses where they can use their new skills to serve their own clients. And others have continued to stay-on with Homeboyz in advanced production.
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Homeboyz Interactive
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