Company Overview


Greenfield Rehabilitation Agency (GRA) has been leading the way in rehabilitation services for over 50 years. Keep reading to find out why so many talented physical, occupational, and speech therapists choose our team to serve Wisconsin’s communities.


Greenfield Rehabilitation Agency’s mission is to provide an exceptional therapy experience for our patients, partners, and team members. We exist to serve Wisconsin’s aging community by enhancing their quality of life through physical and mental restoration and preservation. Our commitment to Wisconsin coupled with our large yet local size allows us to be agile, attentive, and consistently perform at the highest level of competence.


Greenfield Rehabilitation Agency’s vision is to be Wisconsin’s premier therapy provider. Our company culture is unique in the rehab industry because we are therapist owned and operated. We excel at cultivating an exceptional therapy team through education and innovation. Our dedication to local communities enhances our ability to offer unmatched customer service. As a result, we can provide expert care to our patients while seamlessly integrating our team with the partners we serve.

Team Experience:

We understand the importance of having a balance between your work and home life. Everyone has many roles to play each day whether you are a mother, father, son, daughter, friend, partner, etc. The exceptional experience begins with you, so having flexibility with accountability will allow you to be your best self to our patients, partners, team members and all areas of life.

We are growing and ready to welcome you to our team. View our open positions and apply today!

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