Company Overview
Gravity Marketing LLC is an independent, outsourced marketing and advertising firm that capitalizes on the broad experience of its founders in marketing, sourcing, media, advertising, printing, web development, direct mail, email marketing, event management, video production and sales.

A strong brand isn't any less important than years past. With the turbulence in newspapers, publishing, media, television, radio, and advertising in general, marketing channels are becoming more fragmented and expensive day by day. However, branding can be accomplished without sacrificing measurability or budget. Properly focused and implemented marketing efforts can help build community around your brand and bring everyone that matters to you. It’s like becoming your own gravitational force of business – that’s where Gravity Marketing comes from.

Gravity combines more than 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing across a diverse set of industries. We leverage this experience to identify and qualify media outlets that communicate with your key prospects and constituents, keep you top-of-mind, and bring their business to you. The more we communicate with prospects, the more they realize they have a problem…and that the solution is YOU!

As a marketing firm led by career sales and organizational development professionals, a primary focus is the link between marketing activities and the business growth you envision. Gravity Marketing will focus your marketing strategies and consult with your sales team to ensure that you maximize your ROI.
Company Summary
Gravity Marketing LLC
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Milwaukee, WI