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Located on the western shores of Lake Michigan just north of Milwaukee, the City of Mequon boasts majestic lakeshore bluffs, stately homes, lush farmland and expansive open space. The community enjoys many parks, five golf courses, the winding Milwaukee River and easy access to the I-system for a convenient commute to Milwaukee. Mequon's rural heritage is preserved by high development standards and low-density zoning regulations. Fifty percent of the land within the City is undeveloped and still mostly farmed. Mequon has one of the lowest crime rates and one of the lowest tax rates in the Metropolitan Milwaukee area. Property values have increased by an average of five percent each year for the last ten years. The K-12 school system is ranked one of the best in Wisconsin. Concordia University and the North Campus of the Milwaukee Area Technical College are located in Mequon and offer a broad range of programs. Prime healthcare facilities and services are readily available throughout the City and include Columbia St. Mary's Hospital. Mequon is also a business-friendly community with over 300 businesses and an industrial park with small and mid-sized firms as well as large firms like Rockwell Automation. This excellent quality of life results in many satisfied residents and businesses. Mequon offers a safe and favorable location in attractive, peaceful surroundings. The City of Mequon will not discriminate in its hiring practices on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, handicap, or other non-job related factors, except where such factors constitute a bonafide occupational qualification. Mequon is an equal opportunity employer hiring those persons whose qualifications best correspond to those of the position being filled. Equal employment opportunity will be practiced in related activities pertaining to applicants and employees who will be judged on their individual merit and relevant qualifications in a fair and equitable manner. Affirmative action will be sought to eliminate restrictive policies in a timely coordinated manner with due regard and consideration to all applicants and present employees.
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