Company Overview
At ChemRite CoPac, we realize that we are much more than a “typical” vendor to our customers. We conduct all of our operations and deliver all of our products as if we are an extension of your company, equally responsible for your success. Customer retention is one of our strongest attributes and for good reason. Our exceptional record of unbending quality and customer satisfaction makes ChemRite CoPac uniquely equipped to custom formulate, blend and package private label products for companies and projects of all sizes. We take pride in the fact that some of our major manufacturing customers forego their own plants to take advantage of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of ChemRite CoPac’s production capabilities. Our reputation for exceeding the packaging industry’s highest standards of quality gives our customers and their products the edge they need to obtain a market leader position. This is clearly a competitive advantage for ChemRite CoPac – and also for our customers.

As a private labeler, formulator, blender, tube and bottle filler, ChemRite CoPac specializes in liquids, creams and pastes. In addition, we are continuing to expand our expertise into other categories. We have the capability to package your formula in containers ranging from 1ounce to bulk tankers. ChemRite CoPac’s production line is versatile, designed to blend products exhibiting a wide range of viscosities, pH levels and temperatures. Our filling equipment is just as adaptable, able to handle watery thin or creamy thick consistencies, straightforward blends or exotic emulsions. We can accommodate the unique requirements of a flash foamer or a highly corrosive compound. Our production efficiency is legendary. At 92% utilization, we’re well above the industry efficiency average. That means lower costs for our customers while clearly demonstrating the capability of our team, equipment and processes. ChemRite CoPac customers have the flexibility to choose between toll, modified toll, or turnkey bottle/tube filling solution contracts according to their specific needs. In all cases, our customers know they will receive the highest Assured Quality Level (AQL).
Company Summary
ChemRite CoPac, Inc.
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