Company Overview
Catalist is transforming the way progressive organizations communicate and campaign by creating a comprehensive, well-maintained national database of all voting-age individuals in the United States, along with the tools and expertise needed to make this database broadly accessible, at an affordable price.

Our team of innovators brings a unique mix of talents to our effort: we have helped lead local and national progressive organizations; managed campaigns; and designed the data systems that support some of the world's most recognized commercial and scientific enterprises.

And, we're not just good at what we do; we're committed to what you do.

OUR MISSION: To help progressive organizations realize measurable increases in civic participation and electoral success by building and operating a robust national voter database of every voting-age American; by offering tools and expertise that allow clients to use that data to improve fundraising, organizing and communications; and by updating and refining that data on a continuous basis.

OUR VALUES: Catalist is committed to using our talents and technology to nurture a vibrant, growing, progressive community, and to working with that community towards a more just, equitable and tolerant America.

Why Catalist?

NEED: There is a demonstrable need for innovative, consolidated voter data services in the progressive political marketplace, services that will allow progressives to realize the advantages of data-driven campaigns that increase the precision and power of fundraising and outreach efforts.

SOLUTION: Catalist offers progressive organizations affordable access to a comprehensive, well-maintained national database of voting-age individuals in the United States, along with the tools and expertise needed to use this data to communicate and campaign more effectively.

ORGANIZATION: Catalist operates as a "utility" - an affordable, industrial-strength resource that spreads the cost of providing data across many organizations. It is owned by a trust and governed by a board composed of investor representatives, senior managers, and independent industry experts.

TIMELINE: Catalist is up and running. Our clients utilized our data in a wide range of programs for the 2006 election cycle, actively leveraged Catalist data in new programs throughout 2007, and are currently planning and testing programs using our data for the coming 2008 cycle . We now have a complete 51 states (50 states plus DC) national voter file of registered voters plus additional voting age population (VAP) records in 38 states. We are constantly adding specialty data and as well as upgrading, appending and refreshing our core political and commercial data in order to provide the best possible product for our clients.
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