Company Overview
About Us Carter’s Christian Academy began operation in August of 2004. The school began with only K4 and K5. In 2005, Carter’s Christian Academy added 1st grade and has continued to add one grade every year since its inception. Carter’s Christian Academy now offers all day classes for K4 through 8th Grade. Carter’s Christian Academy is a 501(c)3 Corporation governed by a five member Board of Directors.

Our Philosophy Nature of Education Education is the process of training and developing man intellectually, socially, personally, spiritually, and physically through a knowledge and application of truth.

Intellectually Students are to know their world and its history and possess the intellectual skills for properly understanding, analyzing, and applying this knowledge.

Spiritually Students are to know Jesus Christ as Savior, to live consistent with His teaching, and to desire to serve Him.

Socially Students are to demonstrate an understanding of social relationships, Christian morality in interpersonal relationships, a respect for others and their responsibility for the welfare of others.

Citizenship Students are to respect government as God-ordained and are to appreciate their privileges and responsibilities as members of the local, state and national community.

Personally Students are to possess wholesome attitudes that lead to stable, fruitful behavior.

Physically Students are to know how to care for their bodies as temples of God.

Our Commitment Is…
  • To support parents in the training of their children.
  • To provide a biblically-based, Christ-focused curriculum.
  • To provide a competent staff.
  • To believe each student is uniquely created by God.
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Carter's Christian Academy
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