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Our CARE-AGE philosophy reflects the values, which are inherent in our mission of people...caring about people. Our mission of caring is focused on the human being...the whole person, the psychological, social, physical and spiritual needs of our residents. Our responsibility is to provide housing and physical care, but more importantly, to provide residents a way of life which is positive; to provide them with love and leadership so they can accept their own personal aging process, be at ease with themselves, and be able to understand this phase of their lives. We will continually strive to provide an environment that will encourage all residents to reach within themselves to live their lives with dignity and self-acceptance. Each day, we will restore and reaffirm their self-esteem and personal dignity. As guests in our house, it is our responsibility to provide for all their needs and to encourage them to be human beings, vitally involved in their own daily lives. Each life is an evolution! When a resident enters our home, we play a significant, meaningful part in their continuing evolution. We will be dedicated to the recognition of this and to a love for them. It is the employees who give the daily care, who accept and lead the residents out of despondency into involvement with living. We are the single most important ingredient to implementing the CARE-AGE philosophy. Success is the result of our people, not of our facility, design, nor state or federal guidelines. Our success is only possible through the shared values and attitudes of the people who choose to work in our nursing home.

CARE-AGE believes we can develop these shared values and attitudes through our mission. We all will strive to make every person who works in our nursing home believe that our "mission" is not just words, but a way of life that we profess as well as live: consistency in practice, recognition of individual dignity, knowledge of the total person, realization of where our services fit into life's evolution, and finally, the dedicated love to allow all residents the right to be themselves. If our residents live each day with their dignity intact, then we are progressing toward the fulfillment of our mission and the daily practice of people...caring about people.
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