Company Overview
Mission Statement:

Criticare Systems, Inc. (CSI) is committed to meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers by delivering consistently high quality, reliable products and services.

Criticare Systems will endeavor to enhance shareholder value by introducing new, innovative, capable, reliable products which will benefit our customers.


Founded in 1984, Criticare Systems, Inc. is an international medical device company headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Unlike many companies its size, CSI develops, markets, and distributes a wide range of patient monitoring devices that incorporate technological innovation and cost-containment features. The company's products address patient safety concerns and monitoring needs in anesthesia, critical care, respiratory care, transport, and outpatient care environments. Comprehensive customer support, economical rental ownership programs, prompt equipment service and technical support programs make even its most advanced systems affordable and consistently productive.

Quality Statement:

Criticare Systems, Inc. has been registered by Intertek ETL SEMKO to the ISO 13485 Quality Standard and is CE Mark labeling under Annex II of the European Union’s Medical Device Directive.

Our quality system is also in compliance with the FDA’s Quality System Regulation (QSR).

Innovative Technologies:

Criticare Systems, Inc. has established product and technological leadership in anesthetic gas monitoring, vital signs monitoring, gas and agent analysis, and central station monitoring systems.

It was the first company to do all of the following:

* Develop and introduce ComfortCuff™ NIBP technology for fast, comfortable blood pressure readings measured on inflation.
* Develop and introduce DOX™ Digital Oximetry, the first completely digital pulse oximetry providing higher performance in high motion, low perfusion, and ambient noise.
* Develop and introduce the first hospital grade ambulatory telemetry monitor, which simultaneously transmits real time ECG, NIBP, and SpO2 data.
* Introduce one of the first handheld pulse oximeter for spot checks and continuous monitoring.
* Patent UltraSync ECG synchronization for monitoring oxygen saturation in highly active and poorly perfused patients.
* Combine pulse oximetry and capnography in one system.
* Develop and patent a far-infrared technology, HIGH IQ, to automatically identify and quantify five anesthetic agents.
* Offer reusable multi-site (application fits all patients) and reusable Shell sensors (removable hard cover) which are fully immersible, allowing for sterilization, and which offer significant cost savings compared to disposables.
* Design a reliable water separation system for monitoring inspired and expired gases in a high humidity environment (WaterChek Plus).
Company Summary
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