Company Overview
CCB Technology places high value on our employees, and we want them to be the best in their respective responsibilities. To achieve this, we must properly train and equip our employees to carry out their responsibilities. We treat our employees with respect, and we provide a safe, professional environment so that they may receive personal satisfaction from their work with continual opportunities and growth.

Integrity is the foundation
CCB is built on a rich legacy of integrity and stewardship. We hold ourselves to these high standards in all of our financial, business, and community dealings.

Love where you work
Loving where we work helps our customers love working with us. There is a distinct joy that stems from happy, satisfied people who are working toward a common goal.

Invest in people
Our business is about people and trust, and we see every interaction as a chance to build strong, honest relationships. Whether a co-worker, customer, or business partner, we recognize that the relationships we make are the core of our business.

Drive growth
We strategize and execute growth any way possible because business success doesn’t “just happen.” It requires vigilant and relentless work, and that’s exactly what we give.
Influence society
We have a responsibility to positively impact society and our community on both a personal and business level. We give our time, talents, and resources to make social change a reality.

CCB’s culture is a reflection of the people who work here. CCB employees have a unique drive and passion for serving our clients through technology, and we work together toward that common goal. Our focus is on sharing life and connecting with people – both employees and customers.


Company Summary
CCB Technology
Number of Employees
(262) 886-4222
(800) 440-5104
2823 Carlisle Avenue
Racine, WI