Company Overview


You could say Apex Energy Solutions was founded on that statement. You see, back when he was an aspiring actor, Michael Foit took a “temporary” job in replacement window sales. Then a funny thing happened: He realized he had found his calling.

There was just one problem: Michael hated his new industry’s sales practices, quality standards and customer service. He vowed to find a better way.

Two decades later, that better way – now known as Apex Energy Solutions – has expanded to over 20 locations by matching cutting-edge technology with time-honored craftsmanship and abandoning traditional sales approaches in order to go directly to consumers to educate them, so they make good decisions about their homes.

Now, that’s a better way.

  • Better Products: The Insignia Window, the latest in triple-pane technology, exceeds industry standards for energy efficiency and durability…in a package that helps your home look its best.
  • Better Information: Our self-guided, interactive presentation gives you the information you want about window technology, energy efficiency and more, so you can make smart decisions.
  • Better Service: Every step of the way, we’ll be there: helping you make choices, ensuring everything goes smoothly from delivery to installation, and busting our tails to make sure you’re satisfied.

Our Promise

Your home is where the key moments of life play out. It’s where family gathers and children grow. It’s where memories are created and security is found. It’s where you embrace life’s joys and find sanctuary from life’s demands. It’s where you find your better way.

Our promise? To provide products, information and service that give you the peace of mind you need to focus on the things that matter…to focus on your better way.

We Are Revolutionaries, Looking For Revolutionaries

Forget your old “salesman” image of a worn-down guy lugging around heavy cases. Forget the cut-throat, dog-eat-dog “Closers vs. Canvassers” culture. Forget the Dark Ages of sales. Think instead of a group of sales partners in a fun, high-energy culture where technology puts you ahead of the competition.

Apex Energy Solutions can’t say it’s embracing A Better Way if it hangs on to the Old Ways of doing business. So, we’re shaking things up. We’re acting like revolutionaries. We’re going to train you like a champion, show you the ropes and give you the support you need to win.

But we’re not for everyone. We’re for the achievers. We’re for the people who can’t dampen their entrepreneurial drive. The ones who like to work with a team for something bigger than they can gain alone.

We’re Producing Sales Spartans

At Apex Energy Solutions, we put some pretty high expectations on our sales team members. And we back up those high expectations with Agoge, our training that makes big things possible. Named for the demanding program used to train Spartan warriors, Agoge promotes a “Culture of One,” where all stand shoulder-to-shoulder, aligned for the same cause.

You’ll work hard, play hard and celebrate your progress. You’ll receive guidance from veterans and support from your fellow trainees. We’ll push you, challenge you and celebrate with you when you succeed. Our goal is to create sales professionals who work for a common goal as well as individual success. Our reward is watching people grow and succeed…and have a blast doing it.

Company Summary
Apex Energy Solutions Milwaukee
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(414) 241-5456
4125 North 124th Street
Brookfield, WI