Company Overview
The Leader In K9 Detection
MK9 has become the world-class leader in K9 Security Services, and Training, by offering industry-intelligent expertise for Government Agencies, Commercial Services, K-9 Training, and the latest in K-9 Science and Technology. AMK9 is committed to excellence and exceptional customer service, while offering the best in canine security in a world that demands effective and flexible solutions.

AMK9 maintains the highest standard of K9 services. And our commitment to providing exceptional quality extends beyond our services to our working dogs, training, staff, and facilities.

Our Dogs
Our K-9s are purpose-bred and hand-selected before being brought to AMK9 in Moyock, NC for training. During selection, evaluation of each working dog’s drive is a critical part of our process. We select dogs with high energy and an extreme hunt drive; a dog that is independent and not easily distracted, one who is focused yet brings a sense of urgency to the hunt. When training our dogs for drug or bomb detection, we only use real odors. Once the initial search patterns are mastered, additional substances are introduced. Throughout the training, the dogs are introduced to various building scenarios and a variety of vehicles. Ultimately, each K-9 we sell will leave with well-developed search patterns to prepare them for workability in the field.

Our Services
AMK9 offers a variety of K9 Team services to fit the security needs of your specific venue or existing security program. We realize that each location, event, and security program is different. Our expert leadership can advise and tailor working dog services to fit the needs of your specific organization.  AMK9 is currently offering K-9 Team services overseas and at home, with clients that range from major cruise lines, to sports teams, to the brave men and women protecting our freedoms in the Middle East.

Our Commitment to Excellence
AMK9 was founded on the three core values of Honesty, Integrity, & Excellence. Our commitment to these values remains true today. Whether training our canines or deploying certified teams across the globe, we strive for excellence in all we do. This commitment, applied across our proven track record, is what makes us the Leader in K9 Detection.


Explore exciting opportunities as you launch a rewarding career with Constellis.
The right job is here for you. From armed security guards, emergency medical technicians in Iraq, federal protective services in the US, corporate roles such as technical writers for proposals, and over-seeing large counter narcoterrorism contracts, you can achieve your passion of creating a safer world. Whether you’re working as a receptionist, investigator or guard, we’ll invest in your development and help you reach your full potential.

When you join our team, you join a global family.

Subtle by Nature. Strong by Demand. Kind at the Core.
Constellis was formed by joining the best-in-class services under one roof, and that’s who we are today. Quiet protectors with steadfast moral compasses, we do what others can’t and go where others won’t. Whether you began your career in the military or have always worked in the civilian world – we’re here together as colleagues to get the job done.

In good times and bad, from different backgrounds and countries across the globe, we stand together and are stronger because of it.

Giving Back
At Constellis, we strive to better the lives of our neighbors, families and friends in the places where we live and work. Through employee volunteerism, charitable contributions and board involvement, our philanthropic efforts support causes passionate to our employees, including veteran initiatives, health and human services, and education.

Company Summary
American K9 Detective Services
Number of Employees
(252) 435-2488
PO Box 1029
Moyock, NC