Company Overview
AJA Enterprise, LLC / AJA Counseling Center is a community based social service agency created in 1997 with the goal of serving children and families. Our vision is "to assure that all children in our care are safe, healthy, staying out of trouble, in school and have strong connections with their families and communities." AJA provides services to children and families in three primary areas - Residential Group Home Care, Behavioral Health Services, and Wraparound Care Coordination Services.

Residential Group Home Services: Within our residential group home program, we provide group home services for high-risk adolescent females ages 12 to 17, the Teen Living Center I Group Home.  AJA works in partnership with the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare and Milwaukee County Wraparound in providing residential group home services. 

Behavioral Health Services: AJA Counseling Center is a state licensed outpatient mental health clinic which provides both outpatient mental health and in-home therapy to children and families who are coping with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, sexual abuse, family conflict, domestic violence, grief issues, sexual trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, etc. We offer specialized services in clinical consultation, staff development and training and employee assistance work.

Wraparound and Reach Care Coordination: Our Care Coordination Units  provides supportive case management service to families of high-risk children with the goal of helping families to become empowered, remain intact, and remain within their own home and within their own family. Services are provided within the structure of the home and focuses on family strengths and need.
Company Summary
AJA Counseling Center
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