Company Overview

Whole Health Clinical Group is guided by our mission to inspire hope and support mental health recovery for people living with a mental health or substance use concern. Whole Health Clinical Group is focused on recovery and supporting independence by providing a full continuum of services designed to meet the needs of people in recovery. The vision of Whole Health Clinical Group is all people living with mental health or a substance use issue will be integrated into and accepted by the community. We accomplish these goals through a comprehensive selection of programs and services, complimented by a strong focus on quality of life. We believe strongly in the value that social, emotional and community support can play in the road towards recovery.

Our Mission

Whole Health Clinical Group promotes mental health recovery and independence by providing housing, supportive services and advocacy for adults with mental illness.

Our Vision:

All people with mental illness will be integrated into and accepted by the community.

Since 1963, Whole Health Clinical Group has been a leader in providing community-based supportive services, housing, and advocacy for adults with mental illness in southeastern Wisconsin. Our philosophy of care embraces the concept of recovery, which means that while people with mental illness may never be "healed" in the traditional sense, they can develop the daily living skills necessary to achieve independence in the community.

Whole Health Clinical Group acts as a supportive partner in the recovery process offering a variety of programs and services that promote self-sufficiency and a more fulfilling quality of life.

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Whole Health Clinical Group
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