Company Overview

Part of the Würth Group, one of the largest distributors of assembly fastener components, Würth Industry of North America (WINA) offers an extensive product and service range through our service brand CPS® C-Parts Solutions.

WINA was founded in 1997 in an effort to integrate the individual fastener distributors that have been acquired by the Würth Group in the United States. Six companies makeup the strategic WINA network:
  • Würth Adams - Brooklyn Park, MN
  • Würth Des Moines Bolt - Des Moines, IA
  • Würth Revcar - Roanoke, VA
  • Würth Service Supply - Indianapolis, IN
  • Würth Snider - Louisville, KY
  • Würth Timberline – Denver, CO
  • Würth Action – Riviera Beach, FL
The WINA companies work together as one Würth to provide consistent service to customers across North America. With more than 50 stocking locations, WINA excels in servicing multi-location customers from anywhere in the country with consistent process and proactive support.

Würth strives to become your partner and go beyond the simple supply of assembly fastener components to become your inventory management partner through value-added services, including: engineering support, customized program options, continuous improvement reviews, quality management systems, and total transparency of your fastener inventory. Würth will assist in streamlining your inventory processes--maximizing your efficiencies.
Company Summary
Wurth Adams
Number of Employees
(763) 493-0894
9485 Winnetka Avenue North
Brooklyn Park, MN