Company Overview
For more than a century, Lad Lake has provided positive living and learning environments for at-risk youth and families in southeastern Wisconsin. As we continue to prepare them for responsible living in our communities, we guide them toward brighter futures, renewing their outlook on life and instilling in them a sense of direction.

Our Mission
Guiding Growth. Reaching Potential. Living Responsibly. For us it’s not about changing the world, it’s about a positive change for the kids in our little corner of it. That’s where we’re going, it’s a mission, and it guides how we act and interact. Not just for the youth in our care, but for ourselves. It’s really about relationships; making them positive, rewarding, and enduring. To our youth, we are all teachers – shaping a positive experience rooted in our shared values of family, faith, community, and education. We believe in potential, an inherent goodness and light in each of us. Our job is to uncover it, nurture it. Our mission matters because we believe kids matter.

Our Vision for the Future
Lad Lake will be recognized as the leader in providing specialized education, training, and treatment programs to troubled youth in Wisconsin, with the fiscal independence to research and develop innovative services and achieve the highest outcomes for the youth and families we work with. We will achieve this goal through the development of an integrated array of community based educational and treatment services, transitional living arrangements, programmatic partnerships. This array of services will be supported by an organizational infrastructure sufficient to meet their day to day operating needs and evaluate and promote their effectiveness to purchasers and potential donors.
Company Summary
Lad Lake
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