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Integrated Risk Solutions, Inc.

When President and CEO Tom Precia and Executive Vice President Pete Aisbet founded Integrated Risk Services, Inc. in 2001, they brought with them over 38 years of combined risk management experience and a clear vision to create a client servicing system that would eclipse anything the competition had to offer.

"We knew from the start that if we were going to make a difference in this business we needed to provide capabilities to lead our clients through today's changing legal environment and more sophisticated risk management needs.”
That vision was realized with the development of The Integrated Risk Model™; an approach unique to the industry that assesses operational and physical risk factors, develops a detailed action plan, and implements a process by which future risk and premium value can be constantly evaluated.

In November 2012, John Gallagher joined Integrated Risk Solutions as Vice President-Benefits Practice Leader; bringing  with him over 23 years experience in the Employee Benefits Marketplace. John and his benefits team are focused on assessing client needs and building cost effective benefit strategies to help position employers to successfully navigate the complex compliance environment ahead as employers enter a new phase of employee benefit delivery under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010.
Integrated Risk Solutions recognizes that mediating an insurance transaction is one thing, but "servicing" it is a whole different ball game. While facilitating a relationship between the insured and the insurer may be the culmination of our efforts initially, it only marks the beginning of our efforts to maintain the process.

Maintaining and developing the relationship throughout the lifetime of our client's insurance needs is the hallmark of our culture. Reaching accord with our clients through the facilitation process and maintaining continuity in that partnership sustains our growth plan and creates a climate for excellent customer service that goes far beyond the initial insurance binder.
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Integrated Risk Solutions, Inc.
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